Monday, June 13, 2022

Ticked off: An Unwelcome Hitchhiker

Well, it looks like this fellow hitched a ride home on me yesterday.


But, I did not see him yesterday even after a soak and a shower to get off the day's grime so not sure when he decided to latch on. I could have overlooked him as he was kinda small at about the size of a freckle.

I was wearing shoes, socks and long pants the whole two days.

Found him this morning, interestingly enough, he was attached exactly on the spot on my leg where the nerves are still dead due to the surgery, so I didn't feel him at all.  


Soaked him in rubbing alcohol and he came right off with a light pull of tweezers and was promptly disposed of.


Chuck Pergiel said...

What kind of camera did you use for these photos? If it was your phone, what kind of phone? I have a horrible time getting decent photos of anything small.

Aaron said...

Chuck Pergiel: Iphone 11. Camera on it hunts for focus sometimes, but when it hits, it can take some great pics.

Old NFO said...

Good riddance!