Monday, June 06, 2022

Hip Report: Back To The Mats: First Full Jitsu Class

After spending a day in trial without getting to finish the hearing and only getting my first witness 90% through after the Plaintiff rested, and having the joy of the trial then being adjourned until mid June, I really needed a workout.

Jiu Jitsu it was then.

So tonight I had a quick bite, packed my bag, and headed to the training center for my first full lesson since the surgery.

This is a review week after the sidemount chapter so it was review then lots of focussed sparring starting in sidemount and then open rolling.

I was glad to be back and good to see and roll with friends again.

Did the review and then did some ficussed sparrign and on to the rolls.

I'm really happy with this new hip,  Flexibility is much better, pain is so much lower it is not even funny, and I can now get up off the mat without looking like something the cat dragged in.

Still no falling, so I did everything from ground level and took care to try and protect the hip during the rolls.

Didn't lose too much skill  during my absence but lots of people sure got better. 

I did however, lose some stamina -- being unable to workout for months and being stuck in a chair or in bed will do that.

Tons of fun rolling with friends and it turns out my pressure is better (probably the unwanted extra weight Ive managed to pickup from all the inactivity) and the new hip actually lets me move a heckuva lot more including maneuvers I couldn't even dream of doing pre-surgery.

I had much fun moving into techniques I could previously not do due tot he hip or could only do them with painful difficulty.  Nice to do them in an almost pain-free manner.

Some aches and such, but nothing major and nothing at all like how bad it felt doing jitsu pre-surgery, and we will see how I feel in the morning.

Real good to be back and I certainly need the workouts.

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