Wednesday, June 22, 2022

Back Home Again

Spent Monday and Tuesday at a legal conference, in Dunedin, near Tampa which was kinda a hot spot in June but still very nice to be there.

Learned a lot, met some really good folks and spent two days in a conference room with the evenings spent socializing and doing a bit of bar hopping, eating at restaurants, chatting with people, etc. 

Not a bad time at all, next time I need to take some extra time off and hang around a bit, hit the beach, etc.

Overall, the hip was pretty good.  Walked everywhere but did smartly (per doctor's orders) bring the cane along for the quarter mile walk into and around the town from the conference center, and it was needed.  So, I'm still not quite 100% yet.

Tampa airport is exceptional, flows well, great layout, efficient security lines, and what an airport ought to be.  Detroit's airport, well, not so much.

So yep, I really, really, felt the hip last night after arriving back at DTW.

I arrived back at Detroit Airport's North Terminal (now the Evans Terminal)  at 11:20 pm.  Of course, they had closed and blocked off the closest entrance to the level down to the baggage claim nearest the plane's gate. So I had to walk all through the North Terminal to the very front, then down to baggage and back to where the closed entrance was to get to the baggage carousel.    This annoyed the hip rather a lot.

But got to the baggage area.  They stated the bags would come out of Carosel number 2, and the markings on the display for #2 matched the flight so we stood around number 2.

Out cameth the baggage and many people got their bags and they were happy.

Mine did not come out, nor did a number of other passengers, and we were getting perturbed.

Then bags stopped coming out and we grew a tad more perturbed.

No, it turns out our bags for some unknown reason instead went to baggage carousel number 3.  

Why?  Who knows, it's Detroit airport.

Bag found, I then walked over to the exit of baggage claim to head to the shuttle to parking.

Went to the escalator, went up the escalator, walked across the long bridge, down the escalator and then out to the shuttle pickup.

Lots of walking ensued.  Got to my car and then back home without incident. 

So, I'm rather beat today, and have a really full schedule.


Old NFO said...

Good exercise, but you 'might' have overdone it...

Aaron said...

Old NFO: Yep, that voyage through the entire damn terminal kicked my butt nicely.