Monday, June 06, 2022

The Left Has Issues Telling The Truth About Guns

First of course we have journalists like NPR claiming a bullet from an AR15 will blow your head clear off (newsflash - it won't), and do you feel lucky punk? 

Who can forget our current President claiming a 9mm bullet will blow a lung clear out of your body (newsflash - it really, really won't)?

And of course, our current President repeatedly keeps falsely claiming that at the time the Second Amendment was passed ordinary people couldn't buy cannons.   In point of fact, they certainly could and did, and they could even put them on ships and sail the seas with them to boot.

So Being Liberal had to come up with and post a meme that's false on many levels.  The Left really has trouble making memes.

Notice how they falsely and misleadingly conflate selling a taco with buying a rifle to try and sell their propaganda that more regulation and laws on selling firearms must be passed, even as they have no idea or don't care what the current ones even are right now.

In fact for a merchant to sell an AR15 they need to have all sorts of County/City permits. But they also need a Federal Firearms License, perform background checks on every buyer, keep records of all their sales including the identity of every buyer and every firearm sold - al of things Taco sellers do not have to do.

It would be more honest if they compared buyers to buyers, but they won't do that, and after I pointed out the false equivalency, another fellow posted this up to kindly fix it for them:

It's at least more accurate but as such it sure doesn't work out in the Left's favor anymore and in fact makes the opposite point, as the truth concerning firearms and firearms law in this country often does.

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MrGarabaldi said...

Hey Aaron;

Expecting the Left to be truthful....Don't you know that they lie, and expect to lie to further their goal and that it is acceptable to lie in their echo chamber to the mundanes to achieve their agenda? They are marxist and it is the goal of marxist to lie. We on the right side of the aisle use logic and facts to state our case, they use emotions and half truths and *Reeeeeeeeee*. And to the low information voters, they believe them.