Thursday, May 26, 2022

Supernatural: Rickey Gervais Offers Actually Funny Stand-Up Comedy

It's on Netflix and well worth watching,

Gervais pulls no punches and goes after everybody in his stand up act - especially the current Woke cancel culture.

He dares say things on stage that everyone knows is true, but such truths would get many other people cancelled outright. Throughout, he says it in a very funny manner full of wit, irony, and sarcasm.

In short, if you aren't offended by at least something in the show, you likely weren't paying attention and better go back and watch it again, as pretty much everyone takes a hit, but it's still funny.  

If you were horribly offended by any of it however, laugh it off and grow up already.

The Woke are going to be massively offended within the first few minutes of the show and will likely be frothing at the mouth or running for a safe space before it is thirty minutes in. The Woke will then be found weeping in a fetal position a few minutes thereafter under his withering razor-sharp wit.

Damn funny show, so go watch it.   We can use some comedy right now.

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Midwest Chick said...

I'm about half way through it and he is hilarious! And he points out why he's brought certain things into his act. On cue, GLAAD is protesting but everyone seems to be yawning over their hissy fit.