Tuesday, May 24, 2022

Someone Is Stacking The Michigan Primary Election Deck

The most viable challenger to Gov Whitmer, the former Detroit chief of police James Craig ,has just been removed from running for governor.

This is due to a finding that his, along with four other Republican candidates all had fraudulent signatures collected by collectors, putting all of them below the number of valid signatures needed to run for office.

The Detroit News:  James Craig, Perry Johnson, 3 others ineligible for ballot, Bureau of Elections says

The Detroit News: Michigan petition forgery report spurs bipartisan calls for criminal prosecutions

This knocks 5 of 10 Republican candidates out after non-campaign signature collectors - 36 of them - apparently collected 68,000 invalid signatures which means they committed very widespread forgery, 

Dirty tricks and possibly the Democrats playing games, especially to knock out Chief Craig, the strongest contender against Whitmer, or it may very well be other Republican candidates doing so to knock out the competition. Or it just may be that 36 individuals all happened to decide to commit fraud in signature collecting for 5 specific candidates, but that seems rather unlikely.

There should be an investigation and those 36 and it will be interesitng if they were hired by the same unnamed "consulting firm", and they  should be squeezed until they reveal who hired them to do the forgery.


Old NFO said...

Well, isn't THAT interesting...

MrGarabaldi said...

Hey Aaron;

Now the Donks in the State government wouldn't want to do Governor Whitner a solid and "assist" in bumping her opponents off using Lawfare....would they...?

pigpen51 said...

I believe in coincidences, except in politics.

Matthew W said...

The "Detroit News" piece about the forgeries is paywalled so I can't see what disqualified the signatures.
Was it made up names, real names that they faked or just invalid voters?
I've walked, knocked on doors and collected signatures several times and we went through a very rigorous process of making sure we had twice the amount of valid signatures.
The people I've volunteered for would NEVER pay people to collect so we were always committed to successful signature collection..