Monday, May 16, 2022

The Gun Banners Finally Got One

There's been a spate of recent shootings that get in the news and then quickly drop out due to the facts of the incidents not matching the preferred narrative.

For example, the shooting at the South Carolina Mall:  Wrong color palette and dispute among rivals.

Or, for example, the Milwaukee shooting. Again wrong color palette.  Shooters do not fit the narrative. It seems to have really dropped out of the news rather quickly once that came out.

The California Church shooting?  Nope, again wrong color palette. Shooter does not fit the narrative. Expect this one to also drop from the media's interest.

But now with Buffalo, the gun banners are like:

After all it's finally a Male. White, dumb-ass, also a clearly racist dickhead per his manifesto (assuming its actually his).  Can't ask for a better fit for a gun control narrative.

Little problem with that, it seems he's a weird variety racist leftist greenie type (assuming his manifesto is even his).  On top of that it turns out he was known to police and was - surprising no one - known to have mental problems but yet again unaccountably, balls were again dropped and  yet again no follow-through and no action taken until he went off and committed.

The  Detroit News: Prior threat, hospital stay under scrutiny for accused Buffalo shooter

The Gun Banners, Democrats, and Biden are going to milk this one for all it's worth.


Old NFO said...

Of course. No surprise here.

Matthew W said...

Just when they need a "White supremacist" , one pops up.
You want MORE Conservative activity going into 2022 midterms?
Start trying to ban guns.
I dare you.
I double dog dare you .

MrGarabaldi said...

Hey Aaron;

And the dingbats screed was a shopping list of things that .gov would like to get banned, I wonder who wrote this drivel....I keep thinking he had a LOT of help, like from some of the 3 letter agency help. or am I a cynic.

Aaron said...

Old NFO: Yep, not surprised at all. Nor surprised that Biden is heading there to speak out against racism after refusing to go to Waukesha after a Black racist ran down Whites. Funny, that.

Matthew W: There are always crazies out there, and since it looks like the powers that be let him roam free until he decided to act out on his evil stupidity. I don;t think there's enough popular support to push for a gun ban but I don't put it past the Dems to try and distract from their current morass of failure.

MrGarabaldi: I'd say he was more than quite a few fruit loops short of a cereal box. Whether he had help, and from where is not yet known - nutbars can write a screed on their own pretty easily cutting and pasting off the web.

Beans said...

Except that, as usual, the multi-murder-white-dude is... Survey says... by his own words... a radical leftist. Just like all the bomb-throwing anarchists and snipers and shooters that have targeted political targets.

A leftist. High on the socialism/communism scale of stupidity.

But that's not being reported, is it?

Aaron said...

Beans: Yep, hes a self-admitted leftist but the MSM is quick to classify him as right wing based on the racial nature of the attack as if the Left isn't racist - newsflash lotsa leftists are in fact all sorts of racist.

Can't let that narrative get disrupted though.