Saturday, May 14, 2022

In A Most Courageous Fashion, MI Sec State Benson Throws Her Staff Under The Bus In Patrick Lyoya Censorship Scandal

Joselyn Benson was all for censoring the driving record of Patrick Lyoya and other criminals to support the BLM movement.  But when called out on it she back-tracked quickly and suddenly was against it.

And now she's put the blame on her staff, of course.  

The Detroit Free Press: Michigan SOS signed off, then pushed back on driving records policy change, emails show

 Quite a display of Courage and taking responsibility after winning a Profile in Courage Award, there Secretary Benson.  I daresay that the standard's for granting that award are not near where they used to be.

Again she was all for withholding the information that Patrick Lyoya was on a revoked license when he was stopped and subsequently died while rsisting arrest and assaulting a police officer

She was all for the policy and agreed to it:  

Benson appeared to sign off on the initial statement, writing "This all makes sense to me." 

But when called out on the department's censorship and deciding to go full on BLM,  she then walked it back when criticized:

"I have no doubt that each step that was taken yesterday was done with the best intentions in mind with an eye towards doing the right things furthering truth, equity and justice," she wrote to staff.

Oh, so they hid his records for "Truth, equity and justice" did they? - No, one of these things is not like the others. with the misguided focus on "equity" leading to the censoring of the driving record and denying both truth and justice.

If she had any courage actually left in her profile, she'd take responsibility (for this and her many other improper acts) and resign.  But she doesn't she will not.

Benson, along with Gov Whitmer and AG Nessel have consistently put their personal politics and ideology far ahead of their duties to the people of this state.  They need to be voted out of office come November.


pigpen51 said...

I just don't get it. I understand that partisan lawmakers are going to be partisan. But it does seem that the past decade or so, our elected leaders have gone out of their way to be so partisan that they must be getting paid double if they get into the news media with the extra effort they make to screw the other party.
I could first point to the federal government. The one person that best, or perhaps I should say worst, exemplifies this is none other than Adam Shiff. Who can forget the impeachment follies of the Trump administration, and how every time there was any type of hearing, if there were a bombshell revelation of even possible interest to the news media, Adam Shiff would attempt to get to a break and scurry our, and skip to the nearest payphone, presumably to call his nearest legacy media connection and pass on the juicy gossip.
Now I have to say, I doubt that they paid him, in a straight cash on the barrel head deal. That is too easy to prove, and even if it were not illegal, it is much too sordid for someone like him, who relies upon the people and their goodwill in order to remain in office.
Now back to our fair state, that of Michigan. I could point out each leader individually, each female and the times that they have misled the public, and played the end against the middle, but since they are all cut from the same cloth, I think that they can be used interchangeably.
We have the Emperor of Lansing herself, Gov. Gretchen Witmer. Then our incompetent Sec. of State, Jocelyn Benson. And bringing up the rear, the always political AG Dana Nessel. I can hardly forget the last time I heard from the dishonorable Ms.Nessel, and her statement that if a SCOTUS ruling meant that a law in Michigan went back into effect, she would not enforce it. So now, the executive branch can just decide that a law, passed by the legislative branch was wrong, and so they won't enforce it. Not quite the way I learned civics in elementary school. And I don't recall any change to the constitution, either the state or federal.
There is really only one thing that I can say about the Sec. of State, Ms. Benson. Crooked elections.
There is so much that could be said about our incompetent Emperor of Lansing, the ever partisan Gretchen Whitless. We all know that she has illusions of adequacy. The pandemic really was a magnifying glass, showing her weaknesses. If there is one example that best illustrates her, and many of her colleagues in the state of Michigan's Democrat government, it is the one where her husband attempted to coerce the fellow at the marina into moving their boat ahead in the schedule to get their boat into the water for the beginning of summer. Then when the gun shot him down, he tried to play it off as a joke, and quickly hung up.
What was even funnier was when Gretch, at a following news conference, tried to use the same lame excuse. When asked about it, she said that her husband said it as a joke, it wasn't funny, and he would not do it again. I didn't see anybody laughing anywhere. And by the way, nearly 2 years into a Democrat in the White House, nobodies is laughing either.

Aaron said...

pigpen51: I think they figure they're in power, will do whatever they mus=t to remain in power, so they might as well use it to achieve their goals and to heck with the consequences.

Absolutely no contemplation on their part that the other side might get into power and do what they're doing at all, with the now rather terrible precedent they have now set regarding investigating political opponents and declarations of not enforcing laws, and the skullduggery in terms of elections to date.