Thursday, May 19, 2022

Jesus Took The Wheel . . .

And promptly badly violated Michigan's Vehicle Code.

I kid thee not, the red SUV in front of me this morning had a license plate of "JESUS07".

Not sure if that meant the driver was from a long line of Hispanics named Jesus and the driver was the seventh in line, or if the driver was a gamer.

Well, JESUS07 was driving right along. Driving so far along in fact that the driver then drove right past a school bus that had its red lights and stop sign out but JESUS07 carried on its merry way.   You're really, really, not supposed to do that. Don;t know if that counts as a sin or merely a sign of stupidity and/or not paying attention.

I, on the other hand stopped for the school bus, and as a result never caught up with the driver who kept zipping along and then turned off the road before I did so I couldn't get a picture.  Maybe the school bus had a camera and got him.

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