Friday, May 20, 2022

No Flying This Morning

The weather this morning was rather iffy for flying.  Had to head to the doc first for a checkup on the hip - some good news there, more on that later.

Forecast was for MVFR and forecasts of thunderstorms.

Cloud heights would have likely put me in the base of the clouds at 3,000-3,500 feet which would not have been good.

Sadly, an IFR-rated friend who was going to be a safety pilot couldn't make it so I would have been up solo.

Since the weather was forecast rather iffy and getting up and driving around I saw low clouds out the window I decided to call it off.

Overall, I think these times going out by myself has been helpful.

I figure I'll do a lesson Tuesday, and we will see if I get the nod for the pre-checkride-checkride.  If not back to more solo practice and a safety pilot if I can nab one.

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B said...

Smart not to get in too deep.