Wednesday, May 25, 2022

Maybe Instead of Buying Votes, It's Time For Some Investment In Mental Health Treatment

Mental health treatment options in Michigan, if not the entire USA are underfunded and under-available.

Right now,  in-patient mental health facilities for youth in Michigan are 100% full with zero treatment beds available. 

If that doesn't scare you, it darn well should.

Especially with the Covid lockdowns, we’ve seen massive increases in substance abuse, mental illness, and suicides among youth and they’re simply not getting the treatment they need. The demands of mentally unstable kids is exceeding the supply of treatment

Horribly, some of them are going to go out and commit atrocities when they darn well should have been helped or stopped ahead of time.

We're sadly seeing more of that now across the US.

Whitmer needs to quit thinking of buying votes and instead put that surplus budget money into building in-treatment mental hospitals and expanding mental health treatment availability.

Biden needs to quit blaming firearms for the acts of the mentally ill and criminals and instead expand the treatment of the mentally ill across the US and work to end policies that are letting criminals run rampant.

Neither of these things are easy, but they would actually be effective.


Midwest Chick said...

I am of the opinion that they shut down the mental health facilities because someone watched 'One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest' one too many times. It was a crucial piece of the social puzzle and they removed it.

Aaron said...

Midwest Chick: You're more right than you know. The Left and Dmeocrats wanted mental hospitals shut down because the mentally ill to them were just "seeing the world differently" or misunderstood and should be allowed to live in society and have the least restrictive living possible nd thus mental hospitals needed to be shut down.

The Republicans saw a great way to save on state budget as mental hospitals are very expensive.

So the evil party and the stupid party joined together in an act of bipartisanship by doing something that was both stupid and evil, and we're seeing the result.

B said...

Bet that the kid that committed the latest school shooting was in some form of mental care at one point. And on Adderall (or an analogue) so he could be "Mainstreamed".

And bet that someone (FBI! Cough) got to him and whispered in his ear and viola, we have a shooting just when the Dems need one. Too man things that are alike amongst the other shootings and this one for them all to be coincidences...

You can't blame this on a lack of Mental Health care. You can blame it on a lack of plac3s to lock folks like this up so they are no longer a danger to society and it's citizens.

Old NFO said...

Thank the ACLU for that. Remember Katrina and all the 'dead' in NOLA? Most of them were homeless and living in the 9th ward (former inmates at the state hospital).

pigpen51 said...

I am not certain, but it somehow sticks in my mind that it was JFK who wanted to shut down the mental hospitals, way back in the day. Here in Michigan, we had a facility in Traverse City, that was infamous for housing those who were some of the more severe cases.
Of course, being born in 1060, I don't have any first hand knowledge of this. But I do know that now that there are no places for the seriously mentally ill, the homeless population has skyrocketed, along with the accompanying drug issues, alcoholism, and basic hopelessness that so often comes with people who have no one and nothing.
I read an article on M-live today about the governor and the legislature fighting over spending the covid money. When I saw that I knew that she would be looking to reward her supporters and buy even more support for the next go around.
Living in Muskegon, she also had a comment to make about the casino that they have been trying to bring here for around 12 years. She must decide whether to sign off on it by June 16, or to veto it. But it seems that there is another indigenous peoples group from near Detroit that now claims that the property belongs to them, and they want to build the casino. And Whitless is trying to get the federal government to decide which group has the more legitimate claim, before she has to make her decision. Of course, reading between the lines, it is pretty easy to realize that the voting population in the Detroit area is much larger than that of the west Michigan area of Muskegon. If June 16 comes and goes, and she takes no action, and the casino fails, you can bet that she won't get too many votes from this side of the state. Myself, I won't be voting for her no matter what. But the amount of jobs and money that this casino could bring to a troubled economy would be a game changer.