Wednesday, August 04, 2021

An Impressive Government Benefit If You Were Unemployed For All Of One Week, For The Rest Of Us, Not So Much

The American Rescue and Bloated Spending Plan has a nice benefit inside it if
you were unemployed for all of one week at any time in 2021 -

American Rescue Plan delivers $0 Silver premiums to unemployed

Yep a 100% premium subsidy for the entire year and added 94% cost-sharing reductions that make it equivalent to a platinum plan, for free. All you had to do to qualify is to have been on unemployment for one week in 2021.    One week and you get a subsidy for a year that is easily worth over $12,000.00.

For those of us who didn't file for unemployment in 2021?  We get Nada, zip, zilch. 

We're just be paying for the cost of this generous subsidy for those who did.