Sunday, August 01, 2021

A Good Range Trip Yesterday

Since it was a nice day yesterday, after I finished some tasks at home,  I decided to head to the range to get a little focused practice in.

First I shot some B8s with 10 rounds each at 25 yards.

Overall a good use of time and a good warm up, but certainly room for improvement. I think the support hand needs to quit being a you-know-what given the consistent left impacts. But, I'm shooting better than my last set before I attended the Modern Samurai Project this year.

Then, I focused on some speed work by shooting the 3X2 Drill - 3 yards. 3 shots to the COM Alpha then transition to 2 rounds on a 3x5 card in the head box. Par is 2.0 seconds from concealment.

No, I was not making that par time. Not yet, anyway.

My best run was a 2.52 seconds clean.  The average time of the 19 runs I shot it clean was 2.94 with a high of 3.15 and the next lowest time was 2.68. Not exactly setting the world on fire by any means.

Happily, most runs were clean with just 6 of the 25 being not clean, and the times for those did not count.  It's a long way to get to that 2.0 time, but it's a goal to shoot for.

A good, fun, and productive time at the range.


MrGarabaldi said...

Hey Aaron;

Nothing wrong with "BB" guns, I frequently use them for fundamental practice, heck of a lot "Cheeper" than shooting "Real Ammo" and you get your practice in.

Aaron said...

MarGarabaldi: B8s as in the type of targets shot, not BBs. Those were shot with my carry Glock.

MrGarabaldi said...

Hey Aaron;

lemme clean my glasses.......*oops*