Monday, December 12, 2011

Watch Ed-iot TV To Learn The Opposite of Reality (If you Must)

The Ed Show on MSNBC totally mis-educates its viewers on the Emergency Financial Manager issue here in Michigan.

Heck, Ed doesn't even go into why such EFMs are appointed - because the cities involved have spent themselves into practically a state of bankruptcy, not due to his theory of some grand racial scheme on the part of Republicans.

He also neglects to mention that it was Democrat Governor Granholm who, in the example of Benton Harbor, had the first EFM appointed.

Curious that oversight, wouldn't fit his meme.

He then glosses over how Detroit, with a pending financial review and other communities already with EFMs, got there - by outspending themselves into incurable deficits as part of the great Democrat vote buying machine and corrupt patronage system. Without an EFM, it will lead to bankruptcy. Detroit is officially out of money this April, hence an EFM or bankruptcy - your choice Mr Ed.

Curious that oversight as well.

Of course, special guest Shelia Jackson Lee (D Texas) claims its undemocratic and a diminishing of minority voting power. This is nonsense - it doesn't prevent the people there from voting in any election, only it replaces the morons in city government who caused the crisis, which would happen anyways in a bankruptcy proceeding with a financial manager who can cut through the corrupt deals they've fashioned that brought these cities to their knees. She also goes on in rather nonsensical fashion about the "ongoing fund" - you know the one that was canceled under the Democrat Granholm administration as the State didn't have the money for it either.

Then listen to Ben Jealous of the NAACP make stuff up out of whole cloth.

He states Michigan's racial history led to names of certain cities near Detroit (around 5:08):

He says the names were chosen deliberately: Inkster for the black folk, Dearborn for the white folk.

Get it? Ink-ster = black people, Dear-Born = white people. How terribly racist right?

The trouble is, it isn't even remotely true.

It is a nice racist myth there Ben, but completely nonsensical and ahistorical.

Inkster was named after Scotsman Robert Inkster back in the 1860s.

Dearborn was named in 1836 after Henry Dearborn, a General in the American Revolution and Secretary of War under President Thomas Jefferson.

So Ben, this cunning racist plan took a 30 year period to come to fruition, and luckily they just happened to have two historical people whose names could be metaphors for racial groups if you stretch really, really hard to play with the sounds of the names?

In other words he makes a racist claim that is wholly made up to make his nonsensical race-based point. A lie to back up another lie. Not a lot of credibility when you make up stuff like this that is so easily confirmed to be complete and utter nonsense.

Quit playing games with my states' history. We unfortunately have enough real racial issues and history here without you coming along making crap up wholesale Mr. Jealous.

Watch this clip to see how the other side blithely makes stuff up on national television without any challenge or correction, or reality for that matter.

Have some popcorn ready as they go into real high dudgeon and real low credibility.

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Scott said...

I can't watch tripe like that, as I have to visit the gastro-enterologist soon afterward. Either that or a vascular surgeon to repair the aneurysm that results from over-pressurization.