Sunday, December 11, 2011

The Ruger Pokey

My Ruger Mark II had not been torn down for a detail clean in quite sometime due to the rather arcane requirements to have it reassembled and function after stripping. It was starting to have some extraction problems so I figured it was well and truly due for a quality cleaning.

As anyone who owns a Mark II or its related variant knows, a complete tear down is generally a source of trepidation due to the hassle of reassembly.

I removed the bolt, took the receiver off of the grip and trigger housing, removed the grips and gave it a serious scrubbing.

The amount of crud that had built up over the long period of firing it was impressive. It is now cleaner than it has been in quite some time after being cleaned in every crevice and on every surface. There was even crud awaiting on the metal frame under the grip panels. The trigger is noticeably better now that all the grit that built up on it has been removed and the bolt and chamber are now remarkably clean.

Then it was time for reassembly:

Reassembling the Mark 2 generally requires facing Southport, Connecticut, then sacrificing a chicken and promising to quit being pissed, at least for a little while, at Bill Ruger for his support of the assault weapons and magazine ban.

But that is not enough.

After placing the barrel and receiver back on the trigger frame you have to do what I call the Ruger Pokey dance:

The Ruger Pokey

You point the gun up and pull the trigger back,
You slide the bolt in and give it a smack,
Then you need to place the hammer forward so you pull the trigger down,
But you're still not done, Hey!

You put the mainspring in, you point the barrel up,
Don't exceed 60 degrees or you will be upsut,
Make sure the strut rests on the main spring depression,
But you're still not done, Hey!

Now you latch the mainspring housing and hope you did it right,
If you did the Ruger Pokey, the bolt will move and not be stuck tight,
If not then you will start all over your fight,
That's what its all about, Hey!

After performing the Ruger Pokey, I, mirabile dictu, actually got the Mark II reasembled perfectly on the first try this time.

Now I'll have to take it to the range and get it all dirty again...


North said...

I figure it out, then promptly forget next time.

Aaron said...

Yep, they're great pistols but a real pain to put back together.