Tuesday, December 06, 2011

Preparing For Winter-Time Pistol Training

With the fall of the first snows this week and the days getting shorter, you know that range time will start to become more limited.

Luckily, there are lots of ways to keep your shooting proficiency up during the winter of our discontent.

Michael Seeklander's book Your Competition Handgun Training Program: A complete training program designed for the practical shooteris a good place to start.

As a complete training program, its pretty solid. He covers everything from mental and physical preparation to dry-fire and live-fire exercises to make you a better pistol shooter. While its focused towards improving IPSC and IDPA competition skills, this manual can help any shooter improve.

The drills are well described and diagrammed out and easy to follow.

Most importantly for winter its full of dry-fire drills to help you practice when you're snowbound. You can setup a target, or targets as the drill may require in your basement, get in your gear so you practices as you intend to shoot and make sure no ammunition is in the firearm and none is in the room and get practicing.

At 296 pages and well written, the book can be read quickly and thoroughly and it helps you develop a training plan for the course of an entire year, including the depths of winter.

Given the depth of information provided and the clarity in which it is presented I think any shooter working on improving their pistol-craft will benefit from this book.

I'm going to follow the plan as practicable given the other commitments on my time and we'll see if I show improvement during next year's shooting season.

Highly Recommended.

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