Saturday, December 03, 2011

Detroit's Declining Fortunes

We may be looking at the middle stages of the deconstruction of a major American city.

The Detroit Free Press: State orders Detroit financial review

One can only wonder how much corruption they'll find when they really start auditing Detroit's books.

The financial review is the first stage on the road to appointing an Emergency Financial Manager for the city. The EFM will have the power to run the city, control the books and budget and renegotiate city contracts, including union contracts and pension arrangements.

In other words, Detroit has just about run out of other people's money and the checks they've written are coming due with nothing to cover them.

The sweetheart deals and back room corruption of a decades-long Democratic party dominated government have resulted in the decline of this once great city. At the current rate, the city is out of money by April of this year.

Of course, the power structure in place is of course fighting back with their most powerful remaining weapon - the race card.

Already city councilman and black nationalist Kwame Kenyatta is accusing the Governor of turning Detroit into a plantation if he goes ahead with the appointment of an EFM.

The city's entrenched black elite have managed to run the city into the ground, and failed at governing quite well on their own. Playing the race card this late in the game doesn't work.

Detroit should be declared to be out of race-based timeouts.

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Scott said...

It will be interesting to see how much overlap there is with the Wayne County corruption investigations. This could get ugly. already is ugly.