Sunday, December 25, 2011

Freep And Progressives VERY Upset Detroit Light Rail Boondoggle is Cancelled

While this day is full of Christmas cheer for many, The Detroit Free Press is all upset that Detroit's most prominent SWPL project, a light rail line up and down Woodward Avenue has been cancelled. After all, for a modest line running 3.4 miles and costing 300 million to build and to be subsidized for eternity, for such a bargain to be cancelled is a blow to the progressive SWPL ego.

The pain of the cancellation to the progressive psyche is readily apparent in a guest editorial where the writer expresses outrage at the cancellation and insists that both light rail and a bus rapid transit system should be built and paid for by all of Michigan's taxpayers.

Instead, Mayor Bing is announcing a regional Bus Rapid Transit system, to cover 110 miles for the same cost while claiming it won't need an ongoing subsidy. Of course that claim that there will be no need for a subsidy is laughable but you have to admire him for at least trying to save some taxpayer money.

The Freep meanwhile asks readers to Name that transit (not bus) system.

I'd suggest Detroit Rapid Transit (or Detroit Regional Transit, in the spirit of recognizing that it will be the suburbs that will be subsidizing the heck out of it), to be pronounced "Dirt".

With such a name there could be truth in advertising about the service for visitors:

"Welcome to Detroit, now hit the DiRT!"

Anyone else have some fun name suggestions?

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