Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Wow, A Liberal Who Feels That The State Cannot Spend Money As Wisely As She Can....

It may be a first.

Barb Arrigo: Don't blow last tax credit chance

The first time I gave money to the Community Foundation for Southeast Michigan, I did it out of spite.

Not to spite the Community Foundation. In fact, I didn't even know what a community foundation was.

I did it to spite then-Gov. John Engler and ensure that the State of Michigan did not get a single tax dollar of mine that I could divert somewhere else.

Ok, maybe she didn't do it purely on the grounds that she could give the money to charity and thus better use than for some government wasteful spending, but only to spite a Republican government.

Hope does, however spring eternal that she'll develop a general principle from her actions.

She even concedes that tax policy does influence people's actions and spending:
Not that I or anyone else ever makes a donation based solely on tax considerations. Oh, wait. ...

See, they really can learn basic economics!

In any event, Arrigo is correct that Michigan's public contribution law is ending this year and thus the credit of 50% of up to $200 in donations per person to qualifying institutions and charities will be gone.

So, if you want to give to charity and get a pretty decent credit off your state taxes as well as Federal, its worth looking into giving to a Michigan based qualifying charity, institution, library etc that suits your beliefs and preferences.

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