Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Jesse Jackson Threatening Civil Disobedience Over Detroit Having An EFM Appointed

Apparently, you have the grounds for a protest when you've spent all your money and the adults come in to try to fix the mess you've created. While you sound like a bunch of spoiled kids after daddy pulled your allowance, you can do it apparently, and in Jesse Jackson's case you can do it without any shame at all.

The Detroit Free Press: Civil disobedience a possibility, opponents of emergency manager law say

The Rev. Jesse Jackson joined a coalition of pastors, civil rights leaders and elected officials Thursday in Detroit to pledge strong opposition -- including civil disobedience, if necessary -- against the state's new emergency manager law.

Jackson and others likened emergency managers to dictators who wipe out the democratic process with unilateral authority to gut union contracts, sell cherished assets and slash essential services.

"We are prepared to go from education, mobilization, litigation, legislation, demonstration and civil disobedience," Jackson said during a news conference at Bethany Baptist Church on the city's west side. "We want a positive commitment to restoring democracy and economic justice for all citizens"......The coalition acknowledged the city was in a crisis but didn't offer financial solutions.

Trust Jesse to show up when there's a camera rolling and a race card to be played.

Jesse's brand of democracy and economic justice got Detroit into this mess in the first place. The residents were constantly voting for services, benefits, and union contracts that couldn't be paid for, while the clowns they elected were busy enriching themselves at their expense in between rhetoric about saving Detroit's jewels from the suburbs.

Note that John Conyers is in the picture (on the left, arms folded). Pretty amazing that Conyers is showing his face on this given that his wife Monica Conyers recently pled guilty to bribery involving Detroit City contracts. You'd think Mr. Conyers would want to stay out of the mess his wife helped create, no?

Here's some civil disobedience for you Jesse: How about you and your followers put your money where your mouth is and contribute to paying off Detroit's debt and come up with a plan to ensure the city's financial responsibility? Good luck with that.

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Scott said...

Jesse Jackson and responsible conduct don't exist in the same universe.

Jesse Jackson isn't interested in democracy or economics or justice. He is emblematic of the mindset that got Detroit to where it is in the first place.

Jesse Jackson needs to shut up and go home.