Tuesday, December 27, 2011

While Hannukah Is Inconvenient As Scheduled, Obama Makes Sure to Celebrate Kwanzaa On Time

So Obama has to celebrate Hanukkah ahead of time. Two weeks ahead of time in fact. After all, he's busy with vacations and such.

However, he had no trouble celebrating the start of Kwanzaa on the day it is scheduled to start.

So, no timely celebration for the historic holiday of Hannkah, but right on time for a black nationalist holiday created in 1966 out of whole cloth by a Marxist convicted felon.

To be fair, Obama did manage to squeeze in celebrating Christmas on its actual eve and day, in between golf rounds in Hawaii. Oh, and he also got Eid on time.

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Murphy's Law said...

You'd better watch it or Kwanzaa Claus will kick in your door and snatch up all of your goodies.