Sunday, December 11, 2011

Sunday At The Range

So this afternoon I went with Rob to the range.

The temperature had certainly dropped since our last outing, and there was snow on the ground but that didn't keep us away, but it did deter most other people.

I practiced drawing from under my winter coat with and without gloves on, both articles of clothing have an impact on your draw and shooting.

I also practiced drawing and shooting my Kahr PM9 from its pocket holster and engaging targets from around 7 to 25 yards away.

The Kahr would accurately hit the targets and would knock down Pepper Poppers reasonably enough. All poppers fell quickly, except for one pepper popper that apparently had taken PCP before standing in the target array. Mr. PCP Popper took multiple rapid and consecutive rounds to drop.

I shot up my 14 rounds of usual carry ammo for the Kahr PM9 all with good hits, in addition to 100 rounds of FMJ for practice.

Rob also shot his Kahr and his Beretta 96 and did quite well.

I also shot 100 rounds through my Glock 17 and hit targets with it well and practiced a few FAST drills. The nice and free shooting times for the Android phone are pretty useful but wickedly unreliable, crashing often and making me veer towards buying a proper timer soon.

After the timed course of fire with the 17, I then brought out the Glock 22 as well for practice. Mr. PCP Pepper Popper dropped to both the 17 and the 22, showing that there is some real loss of effective velocity when a 9mm is fired through the 3 inch barrel of the PM9.

After shooting, we stopped for some good burgers and headed homeward.

Once I got home I cleaned the Kahr, the Glocks and my Ruger MKII, the cleaning of which is a subject deserving of a post all its own, which will follow this one.

I have now rotated my Kahr carry ammo to some fresh 124gr Speer Gold Dot Hollow Points after shooting up the last of my Remington Golden Sabres that were in the gun for practice. I figured I should get some practice with the full power self defense ammo and can report that it really doesn't feel very different at all from FMJ and the hits were just as accurate with either ammunition.

As usual, the Kahr did impressively well and it continues to serve as a practically perfect pocket portable protection device.

A fine sunny if chilly afternoon at the range.

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Scott said...

Are you using the Short-barrel Gold Dots, or the regulars?

I'm using the Short-barrel in mine - I figure every little bit helps.