Thursday, December 08, 2011

In the Place Where Great Britain Used to Be, The Application of Hate Crime Laws Is Selective

Via The Volokh Conspiracy: English Court: “Kill the White Slag” Attack Wasn’t Racially Motivated

The Telegraph: Mercy for the drunk Muslim girl gang who attacked woman

A girl gang of Somali Muslims who repeatedly kicked a woman in the head during a drunken attack were spared jail after a judge heard that their religion meant they were not used to drinking. The four defendants shouted “kill the white slag” as they attacked Rhea Page after dragging her to the ground.

Ambaro Maxamed, 24, her sisters Ayan, 28, and Hibo, 24, and their cousin Ifrah Nur, 28, faced up to five years in jail after admitting causing actual bodily harm.
But Judge Robert Brown gave them six-month suspended sentences after deciding that the attack in Leicester city centre was not racially motivated.
He also gave them 150 hours community service, presumably to be served in their community to instruct others how to attack "white slags" and get away with it.

Not only do you get sent to the clink for defending yourself in the UK, your racially-favored attackers will walk.

Dalrymple wept.

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