Friday, December 09, 2011

Mullin Over Some Severance Awards Some More

Did I Call It or What?

Turkia Awada Mullin may have case against Wayne County airport board

Turkia Awada Mullin sued the Wayne County Airport Authority on Thursday, seeking to answer what might end up a $700,000 question.

Why was she fired?

Methinks this is either the greatest demonstration of Wayne County Incompetence or the fix is well and truly in on this case to make sure Mullin was to be compensated well for losing her 200k "severance payment" from the county.

It sure looks like the firing was deliberately done wrong:
[Turkia's attorney] Sterling did obtain a copy of Mullin's personnel file, which he said contained no indication that Mullin had done anything wrong.

"Unfortunately for them, they can only go by what's in the file," Sterling said.

Give up $200k, get $700k, its the Wayne County Way.

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