Sunday, December 20, 2020

Yet Another Crazy Column On Covid: It's Turtles All The Way Down

The Globe and Mail, a pretty prestigious and major nation-wide Canadian newspaper, ran an op-ed that in more sensible times would have never been published in a major paper.

The real cure for COVID is renewing our fractured relationship with the planet

Now behind a paywall, at least some of the time (your access may vary), it's a fun read by:

James Maskalyk is an emergency physician, associate professor in the University of Toronto’s Faculty of Medicine and author of the forthcoming book Doctor: Heal Thyself.Dave Courchene is the founder of the Turtle Lodge International Centre for Indigenous Education and Wellness and chair of its National Knowledge Keepers’ Council.

Between the title and the description of the authors, you can kinda tell where it is going to go from there, can't you?

If humanity is to endure, the coming months must hold healing, not just of populations across the globe from the coronavirus, but of the Earth herself. As is true of many zoonoses (diseases that jumped from animals), this virus emerged from pressure humans put on a global ecosystem.

Yep, it's the Gaia-worshiping Malthusians to the fore, with their idea that this virus instead of leaking from a Chinese lab in Wuhan is instead caused due to lack of our relationship and healing of the earth.

A lack of healthy, natural habitat weakens the immune systems of animals and the resulting sicknesses pass rapidly through them. Birds, prairie dogs, pigs, bats. With each infection, a chance for a virus to mutate into one that can sicken humans, and sometimes, global livelihoods. As such, a vaccine alone, no matter how effective, will not tip the balance toward health because COVID-19 is not a disease; it is a symptom of an exhausted planet. The renewal of a healthy relationship to our one shared mother, planet Earth, is the cure.

"COVID-19 is not a disease; it is a symptom of an exhausted planet" - What? remember the first-named author is a physician. I thought modern-day doctors had given up on both the sickness is caused by angry earth spirits and the bad humors school of sickness a long time ago.

But, it appears we are regressing.

The article to goes on about how indigenous peoples are much better stewards of the earth and the cure to Covid is being nice to the earth.  Really.

There is good news. We do not need to wait to determine how, because the answer is already here, and has been known for thousands of years. It is in the wisdom and sacred teachings of Indigenous people across the world. They have the deepest connection to the spirit of the Earth and its history, and from this intimacy, healing can occur. 

Puh-leeze.  The indigenous people's intimacy with the earth didn't help with healing Smallpox, nor Ebola, nor other viruses.  Still doesn't today.  Viruses are indeed a natural occurrence, as is the mosquito.   

I might also note this persistent myth of the noble savage is getting rather tiresome.

At least the authors are not yet advocating for adoption of ancient indigenous intimate practices like human sacrifice to ensure a good harvest, heal the earth,  and fend off Covid.  

At least not yet.


Old NFO said...

Wow... talk about off the rails...

drjim said...

Do these people have to be told to breathe each morning?

Beans said...

Well... if you listen to the ones who say having more abortions is good for the planet, then, yes, we are at the point, and have been, of human sacrifice.

Add to the piles of the dead all the people who have killed themselves or their brains by going vegetarian or vegan, and, of course you must include their children whom they raised as vegan or vegetarian, especially the small ones, whose brains never fully developed because of the lack of met proteins and essential fats...

We've been sacrificing people on the altar of Mother Gaia for a while now.

Come to think of it. Maggs Sanger wanted widespread abortion available to certain populations she considered to be a blight on the face of Mother Gaia, so this has been going on as long as the 1900's...

Then there's that Austrian fellow who loved what Maggs was all about...

Just because we're not ripping out still-beating hearts in the local public square doesn't mean that human sacrifice, even in supposedly 1st World places, doesn't exist.

And then.. well.. there's shoving our old people into crappy care facilities where their life expectancy is greatly reduced, even before being 'Cuomoed.'

(Remember, both Cuomo and DeBlasio said, before the Covidiocracy got rolling along, that New York couldn't support the health care of oldsters and they just needed to get basic care as the olds shuffle off their mortal coils.)

More human sacrifice. Right up there with various indigenous peoples who had the 'quaint' custom of old people taking themselves off to die, when in reality it was usually the people denying the old ones any shelter, food, clothing and just moving to get away from them and leaving them to die.

We, as advanced as we are, haven't stopped the practice of human sacrifice. We just call it different names.

Nuke Road Warrior said...

"...the wisdom and sacred teachings of Indigenous people across the world."

Ah, the good old days when the average life expectancy was 30 yrs old, forced marriage was the norm and women as young as twelve died in childbirth. As for caring for the land; prairie fires were started to force bison over cliffs en masse, agriculture, where it existed, worked the land to exhaustion, whereupon the tribe moved on to deplete another area. Then there were the seemingly endless wars fought over grazing rights, farming rights, water availability, hunting access and to take slaves. Those indigenous people, really knew how to live.