Tuesday, December 29, 2020

Back From A Week's Respite

We left the snow and cold of Michigan last week to head to Charleston. South Carolina.

On the first leg, we drove to Cleveland and stopped to check out Case Western Reserve University as a potential university choice for the eldest daughter. This was on a Sunday and the place was rather deserted and pretty locked up and locked down.  The grey bleak weather didn't help much, and Cleveland seemed rather deserted.  However, the open Insomnia Cookie store helped, as did a nice Chinese restaurant that was open for table service, which was a nice change as Michigan does not allow such at the moment and has not for quite some time.

The next day we departed Cleveland and headed south.  The weather began to  improve the farther south we got on Highway 77.

We reached Charleston late Monday night and checked into our condo on Folly Island that we had rented for the week, and then I went and picked up Murphy's Law at the entrance to the complex. We got settled in and then headed out for a light meal and some drinks.

The next day offered a beautiful clear sky, highs in the 60s and the promise of adventure that awaited - and no need for winter jackets.


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Murphy's Law said...

I had a wonderful time but it made me sad when I called someone who did something bad a "communist" and your daughters were surprised that I considered that an insult. Did you never teach them about the Reagan years?