Wednesday, December 16, 2020

On Wayne County And Our Secretary of State

Completely unexpectedly, Wayne County has more out of balance poll books than all other counties in the State of Michigan combined.

The Detroit News: Wayne Co. had more out-of-balance precincts than other 82 counties combined

Sadly behind a paywall, the highlights the rather serious defects in Wayne County's election process that, yes, can leave open opportunities for fraud. 

In other words a pool book mismatch means the number of voters issued a ballot and then number of ballots cast do not match.

But not to worry, we're told these are just,  per the AP,  "minor discrepancies".  More errors than all the other parts of the state combined is happily waved away and considered minor.

Meanwhile, our Democrat Secretary of State is refusing to appear before the state House Oversight Committee to answer questions regarding the election.

The Detroit News: Secretary of State Benson says she won't appear before House Oversight Committee

Obviously her refusal to appear does not mean she has anything to hide, at all.

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drjim said...

Can they cite her for contempt?