Tuesday, December 08, 2020

Today's First World Problems

Problem Numero Uno:  Ordered a part for a project I'm working on.  It's the last part needed, after waiting for many other parts that were out of stock.  Ordered from Amazon.  It was promptly shipped on Nov 28 by the seller via USPS.  

Tracking shows it arrived in Detroit, apparently even traveled out here for a day (which disappeared off the tracking which was curious), and since November 30 it shows it has been sitting in the Detroit Distribution center ever since and hasn't moved even as it states it was supposed to be delivered first December 3 and then December 4.  

Seems Detroit doesn't understand the concept of distribution.

Message on tracking for the package reads:

Your package will arrive later than expected, but is still on its way. It is currently in transit to the next facility.
That "transit" is taking a helluva long time. I could've walked there and back by now if not a couple times.  Grr. It may almost be time to order the part again and see if it gets delivered.  Would like it here before the snow falls again so I can test the project out once complete.

Sadly their tracking system lacks an "Any Day Now" button,

Did I mention I'm really hating the Post Office? Especially when I have to go drop off mail there when they fail to pick it up at the office, or when they send important stuff from the courts weeks after the stuff was mailed and keep doing that.

Problem Numero The Second:   Went to start the clothes dryer, pressed start,  as one does, it seemed to hum to life for a moment, and went dead.  

Completely dead.  Not a light on to be seen. Nailed to its perch dead.

Now I have wet clothes hanging out to dry and a dead dryer.  Circuit breaker was good and the dryer did give off a little click sound when unplugged and  plugged in again, but did not come to life.  It may perhaps be a dead thermal fuse, so I will get the part and will try to replace that myself first and we'll see if that works.

In the grand scheme of things these aren't anything but annoying fixable problems.  Just annoyed at how things are supposed to reliably work and yet do not.


Eaton Rapids Joe said...

Some driers have a sensor to ensure the door is closed. After unplugging the unit, you might try cycling that sensor.

You might have lint or other debris buggering it up. Vigorously cycling the switch with a screwdriver might clear the debris.

Plug back in and see if it launches.

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