Friday, December 18, 2020

Governor Half-Whit Continues To Punish The Restaurant Industry

The Detroit News: Michigan extends indoor dining ban but allows casinos, cinemas, bowling alleys to reopen

Restaurants will now remain closed through January 15 - and many will never reopen.

As one commenter to the article pointed out:

You see before,  restaurants could be open but theaters and gyms need to be closed because science!!
But now theaters and gyms can be open but restaurants need to be closed because science!!

Exactly so.  There's simply no real scientific basis for this continued closure, even as the Gov flatly declares it to be so without evidence.  This is especially so when you read the article that restaurants accounted for an alleged 4% of outbreaks, but high schools accounted for at least 100 outbreaks (no percentage of the total is given) and they by contrast are allowed to reopen.

This is most likely the last straw and the death knell for many of the small business restaurants in this state.

A lot of this is the governor vindictively sticking the knife into the restaurant industry for their daring and  challenging her closure order in court, and daring to question her proclamations. It also hits a lot of small business owners who likely don't support her, and makes lots of former restaurant employees dependent on government for their welfare now,  so it's a win-win for her.


ccm2361 said...

She is utterly destroying Michigan's once thriving restaurant industry.
I work for a food company & restaurants are about 1/3rd of our customers. Normaly December is very busy for us-Normally Lots of people eat out in December, but not this year.
December has been absolutely dead slow.
Oddly 2020 has been our best sales year ever-based solely on retail store orders. Thank God for retail or I & my co-workers would be out of work. But I have relatives that work in restaurants & bars & they are hurting.
This rediculous shut down needs to end while there are still restaurants left in Michigan

Old NFO said...

Tyrant is tyranting... sigh

Aaron said...

ccm2361: That she is. I have clients and friends in the restaurant industry and a lot of them are simply not going to make it with these ongoing shut downs. No income or less than survivable income with expenses that do not ease up. This is going to cascade through as landlords are similarly getting socked with commercial tenants that can't pay under their leases when they're not allowed to make a living by government order. Not to mention all the restaurant employees who are about to have a very bleak winter.

There is simply no justifiable scientific or other factual basis for this continuing shut down.

OldNFO: Yes, but she's the Democrat's own tyrant and they love her for it!