Saturday, December 26, 2020

Yom Dim Sum and WW84

Yesterday was not only Christmas Day, it's the unofficial and unrecognized holiday of Yom Dim Sum, where Jews eat Chinese Food and take in a movie.

So Chinese Food was had and the family and I watched WW1984. This movie was chosen since Wonder Woman is one of the kid's favorite movies and, of course, Gal Gadot is Gal Gadot, and the ladies got to see Chris Pine again.

Unfortunately, WW1984 just doesn't live up to Wonder Woman.  At two and a half hours there was a lot that could be trimmed from the script or at least used to drive the story so much better - and the script writers Patty Jenkins (who also directs), Geoff Johns, and David Callaham should be taken out and beaten long and hard with a rubber chicken for writing such a crappy script and throwing away so much potential.  The only problem is they might enjoy that.

Hollywood deems the 1980s to be the decade of greed and the film plays on that theme, with he story being one of internal struggle against wanting what your heart desires, and over-plays on that, plus a little poke at a stand in for Ronald Reagan, of course.

The actors did their best with what they had, but the story lacked heart, substance, and any real compelling plot, and for all its length lacked a coherent flow and serious external adversary for Wonder Woman.

On the upside, we get the origin story of how Wonder Woman's invisible jet became invisible, but with a really implausible take off, so to speak.

The end, after the credits have rolled, so keep watching, has a proper salute, homage, and cameo to someone, that also ties up a minor plot point in the movie most satisfactorily.

But other than that homage, there's just very little of the weight, substance, conflict, and just plain fun from the first Gadot Wonder Woman movie that made it fantastic.

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