Wednesday, December 23, 2020

Dear AG Nessel: You're A Shanda Fur Die Goyim

The Yiddish term A shanda fur die goyim is one rich in European and American Jewish History,

The polite modern translation is:  Dear Jewish idiot, you're making Jews look bad in front of non-Jews, cut it out you moron.

Ok, the expression in Yiddish, a shanda fur die goyim, literally means “a shame before the nations,” describing embarrassing behavior by a Jew where a non-Jew can witness it. 

It's letting the team down, ok?

By either definition, Michigan's Attorney General Dana Nessel qualifies as being a shanda fur die goyim, in spades.

 Daily Wire: Michigan AG Slams People Wishing ‘Merry Christmas’ After Trump Warning

Nessel wrote, “I remember the first time I was at a store with my son and an employee said ‘Merry Christmas’ to us. My son looked devastated as asked ‘Are we the only people who don’t celebrate Christmas?’ I answered ‘No, and we are just as American as everyone else.’ Glad @JoeBiden knows that.

Say what?!?  You actually tweeted such silliness?

I'm sorry, either I'd wager $20 on 'things that didn't really happen', or, Ms. Nessel, if your son really is "devastated" by someone wishing him Merry Christmas, you're doing parenting very, very wrong. 

I'm not sure if she's destroying her son as a man by fighting "toxic masculinity",  and raising him as an emasculated fragile flower, or what.  Quite simply, if a child falls apart when someone wishes them a Merry Christmas, you best toughen them up, a lot, and raise them better.  

Heck, its not like AG Nessel is an observant Jew offended by Merry Christmas. Instead, it's because she's a progressive first and a Jew as a distant second or perhaps even a distant third.

Guess what?  As a Jew I have absolutely no problem wishing Christians a Merry Christmas, I do it all the time. No harm is done by it to me, nor to the recipient of the words.  Indeed, it happens to be a nice thing to say to your Christian friends at Christmas.

Nor do I take offense, nor does any harm occur, when someone happens to say cheerfully Merry Christmas to me.  Such a cheerful departing statement happened today even, a few times no less, and nothing bad happened - at all. After all, this is a majority Christian country and it's not like I'm wearing an f'ing yellow badge to let someone know I'm not Christian -- and it's a good thing that's the case.

Someone saying Merry Christmas to you is quite simply not a cause for offense nor for you to be devastated.  Instead you smile, wish them a Merry Christmas in return, and be on your way.  This is not hard, difficult, nor in any way painful, at all. It's really quite simple.

In short AG Nessel, grow up, teach your son how to grow up, and quit being such a shanda fur die goyim.


Eaton Rapids Joe said...

Jesus, by all accounts, was an observant Jew who was intimately familiar with what Christians now call "the Old Testament".

Not a bad deal. A very large portion of the world celebrates the birth of this particular Jewish Rabbi and study "the Old Testament" because of him.

As carpenters are fond of saying, a square-and-true foundation is a house half built.

I wonder how many people will be celebrating Nessel's birthday two thousand years from now?

drjim said...

Bravo, Aaron.

ccm2361 said...

Well said Sir

MrGarabaldi said...

Hey Aaron;

You are correct, The Virtue signal is strong with that one....she had to signal that she was a progressive leftie first and second and a Jew 3rd. It just makes the regular person raise an eyebrow and think "Say what?" I wish "Merry Christmas" or Happy Hanukkah" or what have you to the person I am taking to if I know that they are of different faith, it is called "manners". And I have had people do the same to me, I take it with the spirit it was given. In her rush to virtue signa;, she left her manners at home....provided her parents raised her with any ....

Scott said...

Those who preach diversity as defined by the left do not want diversity - they want conformity to their own way of thinking (if you can call it thinking). It has been my great privilege to experience true diversity with many people of different backgrounds, political or religious beliefs, and life experience. The enjoyment of each others company we share is because we focus on the things we have in common, not the differences: good food, good conversation, good fellowship, and a genuine caring about each other and those around us. We got to experience our differences as points of understanding, not points of distrust or rejection. Jews, Gentiles, men, women, conservative, liberal, black, or white - it doesn't matter to us because we enjoyed each others company.

You and yours have been a big part of that for me, Aaron, and I am richer for it. Dana Nessel and her ilk can take their hate and shove it somewhere, preferably without lube.

Pigpen51 said...

I have a niece who, upon the election of Donald Trump, wrote on F.Book that her 6 year old son was crying,afraid that the world was coming to an end,and that people would come and drag his family out of their home and murder them all. Kind of the same sort of thing. He learned to think this way from might poor parenting skills demonstrated by my brother's daughter and her husband.
I am a Christian, who has a deeply seated love for the Jewish people, and for the nation of Israel. And I try to keep track of the major Jewish celebration days. I have felt like this since I read a book called Medical Block Buchenwald,at the age of about 10. It was the first time I really faced the horror of what happened during the second world war,and the ability of people to hate others for no real reason.
And so, I wish you a prosperous New Year, and safety to you and your family. May you all continue to grow in health and happiness.