Thursday, December 03, 2020

No, What You Think Is Not How That Works At All, Michigan Firearms Law Edition

The Detroit News ran a report of a recent arrest after a stop for speeding resulted in a fellow being arrested for carrying a hadgun without a CPL.

The Detroit News: I-696 traffic stop for speeding leads to arrest, seizure of 2 guns

Quick tip - if you're carrying illegally, doing so while 20 mph over the highway speed limit is just a bad idea.

That's rather obvious and normally not worthy of comment, but,  I ended up checking the comments and found this howler:

tjwalsh3: I thought that your vehicle was an extension of your domicile, and that one didn’t need a conceal carry permit as long as the weapon remains in the vehicle whether it is on your person or not? I’m inwrong. I’m

You may think that Mr. tjwalsh3, but you'd be wrong.  Very, very, wrong.

First a vehicle is not an "extension of your domicile" what 'er that may mean among people saying such.

Second, and more importantly, in Michigan you definitely do need a concealed permit if carrying your firearm in your car and it is on your person or transported in any way other than unloaded in a container in the trunk, or if no trunk then in a manner not readily accessible to the occupants of the vehicle.

That people don't know this by now is pretty bad.  You can look this up in a split second online and don't need to maintain an opinion in clear conflict with reality.

Carry a firearm in any manner otherwise in your vehicle, and if caught you're going to be charged with carrying a concealed weapon.  Claims that your car is an extension of your domicile will be quite unavailing.


Anonymous said...

Criminals screaming along I-84 here in eastern Kommiecticut at over 100 MPH is a regular occurrence. They get pulled over while running large quantities of guns, drugs, and cash between Boston and NYC. Common sense would dictate that if you are engaged in such activities you might want to maintain a low profile, like driving the speed limit and not in a reckless manner.

But then, we wouldn't have the "stupid criminal of the day" category to laugh at.

drjim said...

Sounds like the laws back in SoCal. "Legal Carry" in the car was locked trunk, or "other" cargo area, unloaded in a locked container with no magazines, empty or otherwise, allowed in the same locked container, and no loaded magazines in the car, even if in a separate locked container.

I knew people who had their unloaded, magazineless gun in one locked container, the empty magazines in a second locked container, and if he had ammo, that was in a third locked container.

Sounds like "infringement" to me, but, IANAL!

Gray said...

you really do need to make certain of the laws for the state your are in, even if just traveling through. What is legal in one state is not necessarily legal in another. While another state may recognize your CWP, the laws may still be different.

Aaron said...

Captain Witold Pilecki: Yep, it's a good thing most criminals are dumb and get caught so easily.

drjim: Yep, there's a difference between what I may want the law to be and what the law is. SoCal is a lot worse than Michigan, but Michigan is rather strict on the means of transporting a firearm in a vehicle if you lack a CPL.

Gray: That's for sure. You definitely need to know before you go.

AZDave said...

That's pretty easy, don't live or visit Michigan. Visit or Live in a state where the 2nd amendment means what it says.