Friday, December 18, 2020

It's Not Winter Until I Go Sliding Down The Driveway of Doom™

So yes, as you might expect from the title, it is now officially winter. 

Got back from jitsu last night to a very light snowfall.

Didn't look too bad, so I headed up the driveway.

Almost made it.

Turns out that snow was hiding a slick layer of pure ice beneath it, covering the entire driveway

Momentum ran out about 4/5ths of the way up.

Then I started sliding backwards.

No control.

The brakes, they did nothing. I mean nothing.   Acceleration was unchanged.

Turning the steering wheel, it did nothing.   Velocity unchanged.

This was not good.  

This was the most complete out of control slide I've ever done down the driveway.  Normally there's at least some friction from the brakes and turning the tires gives some control.

All the way down I went, rather impressive it was.

Thankfully, I narrowly missed Abby's car on the parking pad at the bottom of the driveway by pure luck.

After a bit of choice language, I parked the car on the parking pad and then made my way up the hill, careful to stay off the iced over driveway.  The ice was not going anywhere with the freezing temperatures, and not until later this morning did it finally melt off in the sunlight and use of ice melter.

So yes, it is now officially Winter.


Old NFO said...

Bet THAT got the old heart going! Glad you missed everything!

Aaron said...

Old NFO: Yep, that was a little more exciting than I would have liked.