Tuesday, June 14, 2016

Detroit Free Press Ignores the Terrorist In The Room, Blames Guns and Hateful Michigan Republican Rhetoric For Orlando

The Left needs the Narrative Uber Alles it seems, even in the face of the facts.

The Detroit Free Press: Easy weapon access, LGBT hate made Orlando massacre possible

Let's start here: The Pulse nightclub shootings — the largest mass murder in American history, claiming at least 50 lives — were an act of hate targeting the lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender community.

Saturday night, a shooter armed with an assault-style rifle entered the Orlando gay bar around 2 a.m. For the next three hours, the gunman terrorized the club, apparently calling 911 to pledge his allegiance to ISIS between attacks.

That — and the shooter's apparent Muslim background — are details some contemptible wretches have leapt on to explain — and thus excuse — these deaths.

Wait, What?!? In a quick paragraph the Freep totally dismisses the actual reason stated by the killer for the attack- That it was an act of Islamic terrorism in support of ISIS. Talk about begging the question - who exactly is excusing these deaths? Anyone?

But wait, there's even more magical blame-shifting to come!

In the days to come, we'll learn much, much more about the tragedy in Orlando. But at its core, this attack is the product of two things: easy civilian access to weapons that kill dozens in minutes, and the persistence of political rhetoric that marginalizes LGBT people.

LGBT Americans have fought long and hard for equality, earning a major victory last year when the U.S. Supreme Court struck down prohibitions against same-sex marriage. Almost immediately, the right wing responded with a slew of laws designed to carve out exemptions to marriage equality, most often via state-level religious freedoms laws that would provide cover for discrimination. Here in Michigan, the state Legislature approved a law last year allowing adoption agencies to refuse to adopt to same-sex couples.

The Legislature has repeatedly failed to extend the protection of the state's civil rights law to LGBT Michiganders. And now, as the state board of education is working to develop a set of voluntary guidelines for schools to provide a safe environment for LGBT kids, some state lawmakers are working diligently to demonize LGBT Michiganders.

Make no mistake: The violent acts in Orlando are rooted in this rhetoric.

So according to The Freep, the Muslim terrorist in Orlando was not in fact doing it in the name of ISIS as he claimed. After all who are you going to believe - the statements of the terrorist as to why he did what he did or the editors of the Freep?

According to the Freep, Radical Islam with its hatred of gays and the West had nothing to do with it at all. Instead, according to the Freep that's a distraction and he was driven to it by Michigan Republicans having issues with allowing males in girls changing rooms and bathrooms to attack a gay nightclub in Orlando Florida.

Note that the Editorial Board of The Detroit Free Press is making this argument with a straight face.

Maybe its a desperate attempt to get attention away from the failure of the current administration to prevent terrorist attacks here. Maybe it's an attempt to distract attention to the fact this scum was thrice interviewed by the FBI and a "known wolf". Maybe it's a desire to change the subject to one Democrats are comfortable with considering the scum was not a Republican but indeed a registered Democrat.

In any case it's a disgusting bit of misleading journalism unfit for a major newspaper.


ProudHillbilly said...

I've decided that there must be a University of Stupid that liberals go to. Because I have trouble believing that so many people could be this stupid without help.

Eaton Rapids Joe said...

Their narrative (def. NARRATIVE: a story that people can tell any way they want because they are proving a point that they feel is more important than stale, boring, lifeless facts) is in tatters. They are struggling to explain what has become unexplainable given their set of assumptions.

We mock stupid people who think they can communicate with non-English speakers by repeating themselves ever more slowly and ever more more loudly.

We have the same phenomena here. The stupid people are speaking in a language that most of us no longer understand...certainly the terrorists don't understand it. Rather than stepping back and questioning their assumptions and re-couching their ideas in language that is universally understood (tit-for-tat comes to mind) they assume they can drill through via LOUDER...REPETITION...BABY TALK.

An old saying in poker is that if you do not know who the patsy is in the game, well, then you must be the patsy. The stupid people have no idea who the patsy is.

Aaron said...

PH: The level of self-deception and belief in the given narrative versus reality is rather astonishing.

Joe Mama: Yes they've painted themselves into a corner where they can't handle the idea that the Islamic side of their progressive coalition is going out of its way to kill other members of their coalition. Instead of facing the terrorist in the room, they're busy bleating about gun control and blaming evil Republicans.