Monday, June 20, 2016

Henderson: In Order To Be Free, We Must Take Away Your Liberties

The left-wing media is going full-court press on gun control.

Stephen Henderson has decided that his liberty can only be assured by taking yours away.

The Detroit Free Press: Liberty demands we take another look at the Second Amendment

Yes, he has the same mealy-mouthed arguments we've heard before, as well as the constant calumny of blaming law-abiding gun owners for the acts of criminals. Everything from the founders couldn't have predicted to the "gun lobby", doing it for the children, to he's not going to interefere with the rights of hunters and their shotguns. He also raises the false equivalent of treating guns like cars and it gets worse from there with even more false assertions thrown, spaghetti-like against the wall in the hope something sticks.

But here's his best and most mind-numbing line of the entire article:

The most recent reminder, of course, was last week’s shooting in Orlando, in which an American citizen armed with legally bought firearms killed nearly 50 people in a night club.

Yes, read that one again, it's rather jaw-dropping.

Way to bury the lede on the event Henderson.

It appears the Obama Administration's deflection from it's complete failure to interdict a terrorist attack from a known, warned of, and investigated suspect to gun control and completely downplaying the terrorist nature of the attack has been eagerly adopted hook, line, and sinker by the mainstream media pundits.

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