Monday, June 27, 2016

CF Skyhawks!

The Skyhawks are Canada's only military parachute demonstration team.

Why have a parachute demonstration team?

Because some pros can jump out of perfectly good working aircraft and look insanely cool while doing so.

They jumped from perhaps the most box-like aircraft currently available:

It's a Short SC.7 Skyvan. You could say it's boxy but good.

The first jumper out the door had a large Canadian flag on display.

Next came a giant US flag.

Then it got more wild from there.

Then a few joined together decided to demonstrate how to rotate to the left and right, they went to a full 90 degrees on each side.

Lots of very cool maneuvers followed, and they did stuff with parachutes that I did not believe were possible.

Yes, one of the parachutists is upside down, held only by his legs to the other two jumpers.

Quite a few more cool individual and team stunts followed, and these paras had some serious skills.

All jumpers descended safely, and made it look easy:

The team then doffed their chutes and lined up for a parting salute.

That was a very impressive display of parachute prowess.


Murphy's Law said...

So when we gonna get you skydiving? I'll start up again if you'll start.

Aaron said...

Thanks but nah, I'd rather fly perfectly good working airplanes rather than jump out of them.