Friday, June 10, 2016

New Cool And Crisp Shades

My last pair of el cheapo sunglasses recently broke and I needed a replacement now that the big ball in the sky is visiting Michigan once more. The last set made it a bit hard to see the instruments inside the plane and the face of iphone devices due to it being polarized and I did not want the replacements to pose that issue.

So I got a pair of these:

To say they're the best sunglasses I've ever tried may be an understatement.

They really effectively block bright sunlight and cut out the glare yet make everything crisper and clearer - it is pretty amazing how much clearer I can see while driving with them on in bright sunlight compared to the old pair. I've also felt my eyes are less tired after driving using them compared to driving without sunglasses or with the older pair.

I can also see the screens on ipads and iphones without an issue while wearing them, which is good. I'm going to try them out flying this weekend.


juvat said...

Aaron. Are you missing a link? Or just teasing us? "Nanny, Nanny, boo boo. I've got cool sunglasses and I'm not telling you what kind!" :-)

Aaron said...

Interesting, the Amazon image/link is showing up on my screens just fine. I'll put in a text link as well.

jon spencer said...

Wore that style years ago and I watched a couple of pair of those paddle temple sunglasses sink after falling off.
But I was working on a boat back then.

Aaron said...

jon: They did feel quite different from normal glasses when first wearing them. I've found they're quite comfortable when driving and perfect under a headset while flying.

Comrade Misfit said...

Stay away from "blue blockers". The puffy white clouds become invisible.