Friday, June 03, 2016

Detroit, Where Your Life Is Worth Less Than $70

In a sad display of the collapse in morals, judgment and restraint that has affected Detroit we get the latest senseless criminal act,

At around 11 pm at night on a school night, a 13 year old, Deontae, is hanging out by a store.

He witnesses a man, who appeared to be intoxicated urinate in public and he sees him drop $70 which point Deontae swoops in and steals the money and rides off on his bicycle. This is a mistake.

Unfortunately for him, he's messing with a fellow who has a, as typical, lengthy criminal record, and as is often the case in Detroit, was wanted for violation of his probation but not picked up.

Taking exception to his money being stolen, the fellow, along with some accomplices, then kidnaps the kid at gunpoint, takes him in his car for a ride and kills him.

Deontae's body is later found and at least two of the criminals involved is arrested in Toledo, Ohio.

The Detroit Free Press: Petty crime, deadly penalty for 13-year-old Detroit boy

The Detroit News: Suspect in Detroit teen’s death remains in Toledo jail

There's plenty of failure on multiple levels and wrongdoing to go around on this one.


Old NFO said...

And I'm sure Deontae was a church going choir boy... Except...

Home on the Range said...

Of course, the press will have Deontae pictured in his confirmation robe in church, with a little halo over his head. That's what they do in Chicago when a gangmember kills another gangmember. Just innocent boys out having fun when they all get shot at 1:48 in the morning on a school night.

It's tragic, but even more tragic, is the community is so used to it there is no more outrage but for the grieving parents.

Aaron said...

Old NFO: First, you've left the 3,000th comment on this blog - thanks!

Of course he was just an innocent choir boy. One can suppose it was not his first go round. Unfortunately he chose a target that was more of a vicious criminal than he was.

Brigid: Yes, that's how it's being presented. Deontae Dindunuffin. Sadly here its parent rather than parents but it has been gettign a lot of press. Interestingly enough preliminary reports in Deontae's body is that he was not shot which he means he likely died quite badly.