Thursday, June 23, 2016

Flying Lesson #60 - Maneuvers, Maneuvers

Today was most pleasant morning to get some flight time in.

So I preflighted N755PR and all looked ok with a bit of a balding tire, and we headed out on the taxiway.

While taxiing we were hearing a bit of a warble-thump sound so we stopped at the run up area, got out and checked the tires over again. Most likely it was the balding tire with its uneven tread which was the likely cause as there was no other indications of the sound. The tire needs to be replaced but it is still within service limits.

So we got back in, fired it up again and took off from Runway 9R to the northeast.

Leaving KPTK's class delta airspace I climbed us up to 3,500 feet and then we started to get some maneuver practice in. Note that I haven't done any of these since introduced to them last August.

Ray requested and I did a full 360 degree clearing turn instead of the 90 in each direction to make sure the area was clear.

First was steep turns. I must be getting more comfortable flying as they were pretty darn nice. A little bit to clean up the procedures just a tad but my turns ran into our wake in both directions so it was a success. Ray said it would be a no problem pass on a check-ride.

Then we did minimum controllable airspeed, including turns, climbs, and descents at MCA which I had not done before. Overall not bad but I could use a bit more practice.

Then we did some power off stalls and I did ok, again I need to have the procedure down and a bit more practice.

We then did turns around a point which I did pretty well at, and then we headed back to KPTK.

Basically I could use more practice at everything to get a little smoother but its coming along.

Not a bad lesson at 1.3 and 1 landing.

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