Thursday, June 16, 2016

Freep's Rochelle Riley Calls On Obama To Exercise The Divine Right Of Kings

After all, what use is separation of powers and the limitations on the executive when you want to get something unconstitutional done for your side after all? Until a Republican is elected president the Democrats are cool with untamed executive power. It almost makes me want to vote for Trump to see the proggy commentators pull the fastest 180 degree turn on executive power. Almost.

The Detroit Free Press: President Obama has just this one more thing to do

Dear Mr. President: ....

This will be hard.

This will be unprecedented. ....

But I know that you can do this thing I’m asking — because you are the president.

You must, by executive order, ban the use of assault rifles by non-soldiers, ban their sale and ownership and use away from the battlefield.

Ms. Riley apparently never took a civics class or understands or even cares the limit's on a President's power, after all she makes the tautological argument that he can do it as president because he's the president, QED.

Most adults would describe this as magical thinking.

Then she even admits it won't work, but hey, futile grand gestures and appearing to do something is important.

Yes, I know that it would be constitutional folly and that you are a Harvard-educated genius at constitutional law.

Ms. Riley if that is so, why did you just waste your time bloviating asking for it. The second half of that question is itself most questionable, especially as we still don't know what grades the genius got at Harvard, and his present performance has hardly shown any hints at genius, just sayin'.

This is what is passing for reasoned discourse from a regular byline columnist in a major progressive newspaper. Then again, it's the same major progressive newspaper that excused any hint of Islam from the Orlando attack and the fact that the shooter was a registered Democrat and instead blamed it on availability of firearms and Republican political rhetoric regarding gays.


Anonymous said...

Not a fan of the Freep.

Aaron said...

flagunblog: Yep, can't say I'm a fan. They area decent barometer of leftist thinking and do provide a reliable measure of progressive stupidity on a very regular basis so it always gives quality blog fodder. other than that, it's not worth the recycled electrons with which their website is published.