Thursday, October 31, 2013

EFM Trying To Fleece Suburbs To Benefit Detroit

The Emergency Financial Manager of Detroit you must remember is a Democrat, and as a Democrat his first thought is to grab for other people's money to get revenue after decades of squandering of monies in a now broke Detroit due to corruption and mismanagement.

The Detroit Free Press: Suburban leaders blast plan to lease water, sewer assets for $9B

Suburban leaders are blasting a plan by Detroit emergency manager Kevyn Orr to get customers across the region to pay the city as much as $9 billion over 40 years to lease the assets of the Water and Sewerage Department.

For those not up to speed on the Detroit Water and Sewage Department that EFM Orr is now trying to lease to the Suburbs for $9 billion let's recap: This is the same entity that was used as a political slush fund and source of no-bid contracts by Detroit's politicians, most notoriously Kwame Kilpatrick and friends, This was a department that has been sticking it to the suburbs with rate increases for featherbedding and passing the money to other Detroit departments while critical infrastructure was not properly maintained.

And now he wants to lease it, deferred maintenance obligations and all, to the same suburbs that have been getting the short end of the department's operations this entire time in exchange for the suburbs paying Detroit 9 Billion dollars?

Oh, hell no.

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