Thursday, October 31, 2013

Dive 245 - Union Lake In The Dark

Unbelievable, it's the end of October and this was the first dive I've done all season that was pitch black from start to finish. Clearly I haven't been getting out much this season.

I arrived at Union Lake at 7:30 as scheduled. It turns out that Jeff and Nate and Brandon had got there early and already done one dive, so Fred, Chad and I suited up and got ready to go in.

Thankfully there was only one boat, and he pulled out as we were prepping to go in, so we had an easy entrance via the boat launch, which beats tripping around the grass hill with 120 pounds of gear on your back in the dark. This made for a nice easy entry.

Then we headed out on the north line, playing with crayfish as we came across them and seeing quite a number of bass both large and small out and about.

We also came a cross a large mudpuppy which was cool to see as they're not something you come across every dive.

We made it to the A-Aron boat and had a bit of fun hanging around it, then did a diversion tot he north shore boat and headed back.

One benefit of night diving is you can really see each diver's light much more distinctly than in the day so its a lot easier to keep track of people and maintain formation,

A nice easy night dive, and my buoyancy and trim were quite excellent if I do say so myself, making the dive a lot more relaxing and enjoyable.

After the dive we headed to the Library pub to warm up with some rum and cokes and tortilla soup, which hit the spot nicely.

The Dive:

Water Temp: 52 degrees

Dive Time: 52 Minutes

Max depth: 45 feet

Breathing gas used: 1000 psi.

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