Sunday, October 13, 2013

San Fran Trip Day 1 - On Crooked Streets

Day 1 didn't end in Chinatown.

We kept on walking through Chinatown and headed towards the word's second crookedest street. The new most crookedest street ends at 1600 Pennsylvania avenue.

Yes, we were walking to Lombard street.

We immediately encountered a terrain feature in San Fran that's very absent in Detroit - Really steep flippin' hills.

It's a good thing San Fran doesn't get snow, or they'd be so doomed.

We continued our uphill climb and reached Lombard Street.

Yes, it's a seriously crooked street:

From the top of Lombard, we got a great shot of Alcatraz Island. Due to the government shutdown, that was as close to the Rock that we were going to get.

Then we passed by Dashiell Hammett street, but no Maltese Falcons were spotted.

We then hopped on a cable car for a thrilling ride down the steep hills.

After that, we headed over to my Brother's place ito meet up with the immediate family and had a great time, and that was just Day 1.

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