Tuesday, October 08, 2013

Remember Kids, Marijuana Is Bad For You

Two chilling episodes illustrate the dangers of this demon weed:

The Detroit Free Press:  Man crushed to death by his own marijuana
A very important lesson for drug traffickers: Do not store your half-ton of weed in the backseat of your car. A Brazilian drug smuggler did just that, police say, and the man was killed when he crashed into a tree while being chased by police ... because the 1,100 pounds of weed came barreling forward and crushed him against the steering wheel.
The Detroit Free Press: Fire leads Michigan authorities to marijuana growing operation
Authorities say a light used for a large indoor marijuana growing operation in northern Michigan sparked an apartment fire that led them to more than 190 plants.
Yep, marijuana is clearly hazardous to your health, especially for stupid people.

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