Tuesday, October 08, 2013

Anarcho-Tyranny, NYC Style.

Borepatch is noted for his analysis of the issue of Anarcho-Tyranny. Anarcho-Tyranny is as he smartly puts it, "is when the State stops enforcing important laws and regulations (leading to anarchy) but cracks down on petty offenses (that's the tyranny)."

You've likely seen by now the footage of the Range Rover with a family inside being mobbed by a gang of motorcyclists.

If not, here's the video.

Now that's certainly a picture of Anarchy.

How does it get even more Anarcho-Tyrannical? Well, it turns out some of New York's finest were not only present and did nothing to stop the assaults, but at least one detective even participated in the attack by at the very least damaging the vehicle, if not the beat-down itself: Biker cop joined in SUV beatdown, hit vehicle

The only thing that could make it more Anarcho-Tyrannical would be the media labeling the driver a White-Asian and the Justice Department opening an investigation to see if he could be prosecuted for being racially insensitive while defending himself.

That's New York. The family, by law, isn't allowed the most effective means to protect themselves from a large gang of attackers: A firearm with a standard capacity magazine in the vehicle. 4 calls to 911 brought no help in time to make a difference. With no concealed carry allowed and the outlawing of magazines over 7 rounds, the family was in a bad position to defend itself, leading to the driver getting a beat- down from a gang of thugs (and at least one cop).

Further the Anarcho-Tyranny with the fact that not only do the police have no duty to protect you and will actively prevent you from doing so, but here the police were actually participating in the crime.

That's a pretty frightening display of Anarcho-Tyranny, New York style.

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