Sunday, October 06, 2013

Skull Island Halloween Fun

This weekend, we took the kids to Skull Island for a Haunted Halloween event.

Located on an island in Pontiac Lake, the Halloween festivities start early with kid-friendly fun.

The kids got to do a zip-line in the dark, get their faces painted, play lots of games and eat doughnuts.

There was a nice roaring bonfire for the parents to sit around as the kids ran around having fun as well.

The face painting was well done and scary when complete.

Then there was a haunted path that was activated by sound and movement, which had the kids squealing in excitement.

Here some pirates while way the time playing cards until moving by them lights the lamp and gets them to move:

Then we passed by a zombie that was just hanging around:

Around the corner, Death awaits the unwary:

After the haunted path, we ran into the island's dog. He was dressed up as a pumpkin, and didn't seem to mind too much:

The kids loved all the events, and the staff were friendly, well organized, and very kid focused.

Once we had done everything the island had to offer and it got close to the kid's bedtimes, we took the boat back to the shore and headed home, with a brief detour for some ice cream, once home, the kids promptly passed out from all the fun and excitement of the night.

That night even the dog got into the spooky spirit as he guarded a sleeping Abby once we returned home.
None Shall Pass While I Am On Guard!

A great time indeed, and we're seriously thinking of sending the kids to summer camp there, as they run a solid, well-run, and fun program.

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