Sunday, October 06, 2013

Plenty Of Pleasant Puppy Play

Yesterday Jett got to visit the home of Charlie and Monty, the two labradoodles he had played with at our place last month.

Jett's getting a lot less timid around other dogs and he and Charlie busied themselves racing around the backyard playing around while Monty watched, letting the pups have fun.

It's Charlie and Jett.

Now, It's Jett and Charlie.

I'll just stand here and let the pups wear themselves out.
Then they took it inside and kept at it until they were too tired to play any more.

All dogs had a great time and all humans involved also had a very pleasant brunch-based interaction as well.

Jett is really coming along. His recall is excellent and he's got the sit command down to a science. Accidents around the house are becoming fewer and fewer. He has, however, decided that we've got great taste in footwear as he keep grabbing our shoes, so we'll keep working on that.

Darn good dog.

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