Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Halloween Preparations

With Halloween approaching, the kids' thoughts turned to Pumpkins:

So we bought some and they and a friend made some pumpkins.

With three pumpkins carved, we had a ton of pumpkin seeds that we're going to toast and have later.

Abby carved hers all by herself this year:

Here's the Pumpkin undergoing a full candle test once done:

Abby's friend, who is a couple years older made this one from a pattern and did a very impressive job:

While the kids did pumpkin preparations, we prepared libations:

Leelanau Cellars' Witches Brew - a nice spiced red wine, served warm is just the thing for Halloween. An excellent and very tasty Michigan product well worth a try.

It's gonna be a great Halloween.


Old NFO said...

Nice pumpkins there! :-) Never heard of the booze though... sigh

Aaron said...

Old NFO: It's good stuff, just the thing for warming up after a cold evening.

If ML makes it up here soon, I'll have to get him a bottle to get to you to try out.