Thursday, October 03, 2013

Another Democrat-Ruled Detroit-Area Demense Destined For An EFM

Royal Oak Township, with an apt acronym of ROT, is a prima facie example of how a township can be mismanaged by Democrats. ROT is all of a half mile in size and all of 2,466 people and is sandwiched between Ferndale and Oak Park.

Now the ROT may be destined for an EFM as its Democrats running the joint have really run out of other people's money.

There's only one reasons it still exists and hasn't been properly absorbed by Ferndale or Oak Park, and that reason has been discussed before. The other possible reason may be that no other municipality wants it given its chronic crime. corruption and mismanagement.

The Detroit Free Press: Royal Oak Township, plagued by crime, might be next for state control

The best part is that not only has it run out of money to pay for things like firefighting, it can't even account for the hundreds of thousands of dollars it has received:

The state’s key concerns, according to the warning letter, include $300,000 that local officials borrowed in violation of state law, the disappearance of more than $205,000 spent in 2012 and not shown on any budget, and a mysterious $400,000 operating loss in 2012 from the township police fund.

With some of, if not the highest, taxes and special assessments for police and fire in all of Michigan, the township can't even afford to pay for police and fire services, and seems to host more criminals than ordinary decent citizens.

Of course, you can still fit plenty of corruption in half a square mile:

The threat of impending state control is the latest in years of financial setbacks for the small community, which has a long history of waste and corruption. Last year, Squalls’ predecessor as supervisor pleaded guilty to taking a $10,000 bribe; William Morgan is serving a three-year prison sentence.

In short, the rot of the ROT is the result of decades of deliberate Democrat policies and corruption.

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