Friday, October 25, 2013

A Plastic Nail In The Gun Controller's Coffin

Widespread 3D Printing will make any claim to the potential for effective gun control to keep guns out of criminal's hands rather laughable.

The Detroit News: UK police cast doubt on 'gun parts' from 3-D printer

Note that this story comes to us from the place where Great Britain used to be - a small-sized island nation with borders that can presumably be sealed and movement of items scrutinized. Oh, and the UK has some of the strictest gun control and gun bans extant, yet unsurprisingly has heaps of violent crime (surpassing the United States) including gasp crime committed with guns.

Police in northern England thought they’d made a major discovery, but they may have jumped the gun.

Officers said Friday they had seized what appeared to be gun components made on a 3-D printer — then, hours later, cast doubt on the find after technology experts said photos released by police appeared to be of parts for the printer itself.

The police department in greater Manchester initially said officers found what appeared to be a plastic magazine and trigger, along with a 3-D printer, in a raid targeting criminal gangs.

Forensic specialists were examining the parts “to establish if they could construct a genuine device,” police said.

If the gun was viable, it would be the first such seizure in Britain, police said. Authorities worry the technology could allow anyone to manufacture guns that would pass unnoticed through metal detectors

While it is most likely a false alarm this time, when people desiring a firearm no longer need even the equipment found in a basic machine shop but can simply print out zip gun in the comfort of their own homes, the prog's vile dreams of effective gun control are all for naught.


Spreading Wisdom said...

But the Poles designed and manufactured a submachine gun during the height of the Occupation. I think that feat pretty much trumps all.

Aaron said...

Yep, the Poles even manufactured armored cars while occupied. That earns bonus points for sure.